We are April and Jovani.

Co Founders of Girl Bosses Resell

We are both resellers, moms, and here to help. We want to make sure new resellers get started right and seasoned resellers can learn new ways of thinking and doing things as well.

Thank you for visiting our page and we hope to hear you on our Clubhouse, Girl Bosses Resell University (formally known as Resellers Bootcamp), every Tuesday at 12:30pm MST/2:30pm EST.

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Girl Bosses Resell Academy

You can find use on Clubhouse weekly (Tuesdays 12:30pm MST/2:30pm EST). Clubhouse is an invitation only app. If you need an invite, contact us via: email, Instagram DM, or Facebook Messenger. If you already have Clubhouse, click below to be taken to the club and become a member.

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Girl Bosses Resell Q & A

Positive learning environment for women in the online resale business. We wanted to create a space to network, talk, share ideas, and ask questions pertaining to reselling.

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Learn Your Why
Reselling can get lonely and frustrating. Knowing your why is essential to keep you motivated and focused.
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Being organized is ESSENTIAL. If you are not organized, mistakes happen more often than we would like.
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It is so easy to get tunnel vision and have this consume your life. We will help you find balance.
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Thinking Like a Business Owner
Many of us start to just get rid of things in our home. We will help you think like a business owner so you're making money and not losing money.
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“Girl Bosses Resell has helped me navigate my reselling business to the point where I no longer feel lost or frustrated.”

- Tyresa

Upscale Thrifts

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“I love collaborating with these ladies. Their energy is amazing and they are extremely helpful. Any time I have had a question, they are always a message away.”

- Britney 

Blue Skies Boutique

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"Girl Bosses Resell has given me the confidence to expand my business on social media."

- Mandy

Pink Picker

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"I loved the Clubhouse group and amazing information. Their energy was easy to talk to and comfortable, very welcoming."

- Rocky

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